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Slides from Sunbelt 2014 talk on collaboration in science

2014 March 9

Here are the slides from my Sunbelt 2014 talk on collaboration in science. I talked about:

  • Some general considerations regarding collaboration or the lack of it. I have an impression that we are quite good at formulating arguments able to explain why people would like to collaborate. It’s much less understood why we do not observe as much collaboration as those arguments might suggest.
  • Some general considerations about potential data sources and their utility for studying collaboration and other types of social processes among scientists. In particular, I believe this can be usefully framed as a network boundary problem (Lauman & Marsden, 1989).
  • Finally, I showed some preliminary results from studying co-authorship network of employees of the University of Warsaw. Among other things, we see quite some differences between departments in terms of propensity to co-author (also depending on the type of co-authored work) and network transitivity.

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