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2013 June 21
by Michał

Google Reader was one of my main way of reading Internet. It was great to read news and updates from many websites. For example, I had my own “R bloggers” folder within Google Reader long before Tal Galili created Unfortunately, Google is killing the Reader on July 1. There are  several alternatives to the Reader, just search for “google reader alternative”. Meanwhile, I switched to Feedly. It’s pretty cool, although there is a couple of things that annoy me a lot, e.g.: too many content (feed/item) recommendations and keyboard shortcuts are different than in Google Reader. The mobile app (I use Android) is also great although a bit heavy for my Samsung Ace. Nice features include being able to (1) push feed items to Instapaper or Evernote, (2) save selected items for later reading.

And so, I just browsed my Feedly “Saved for later” folder and here are a couple of interesting items from last 30 days:

Recent issue of Science brings a very cool paper by Luís M. A. Bettencourt explaining the scaling properties of cities: how things like GDP, crime, traffic congestion etc. depend on city size. Descriptively the relationships seem to follow a simple power-law relation (see this presentation by Geoffrey West). However, as the paper shows, explaining it is not that simple and involves considering many types of interactions and interdependencies.

To finish on a somewhat less geeky note, Warsaw National Museum has a temporary exhibition of Mark Rothko featuring his works from National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, which is a first Polish exhibition of Rothko’s works ever. Accompanying the exhibition, there is a lovely childrend’s guide by Zosia Dzierżawska.

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