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Errata to tutorial script 3 (Analysing Social Science Data Using R)

2013 March 2
by Michał

This is the first update post regarding the course “Analysing Social Science Data Using R” in GSSR. There is a dedicated tag “r4sns” and an RSS feed (also visible on the course webage).

If you recall the meeting from February 25, there was one issue in the tutorial script that did not work. It involved taking a subset from pgss data frame using the square brackets instead of function subset. It turned out there was a typo in the variable name that I didn’t notice: homepop instead of hompop. The correct form should be:
[code lang=”r”]singles <- pgss[ pgss$hompop == 1 , vnames ][/code] I have uploaded the corrected tutorial script to the course website.

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