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Package intergraph goes 2.0

2013 May 10
by Michał

Yesterday I submitted a new version (marked 2.0-0) of package ‘intergraph’ to CRAN. There are some major changes and bug fixes. Here is a summary:

  • The package supports “igraph” objects created with ‘igraph’ version 0.6-0 and newer (vertex indexing starting from 1, not 0) only!
  • Main functions for converting network data between object classes “igraph” and “network” are now called asIgraph and asNetwork.
  • There is a generic function asDF that converts network object to a list of two data frames containing (1) edge list with edge attributes and (2) vertex database with vertex attributes
  • Functions asNetwork and asIgraph allow for creating network objects from data frames (edgelists with edge attributes and vertex databases with vertex attributes).

I have written a short tutorial on using the package. It is available on package home page on R-Forge. Here is the direct link.

Usage experiences and bug reports are more than welcome.

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  1. May 10, 2013

    I think your package will greatly benefit if you’d post your tutorial as a blog post.
    (be sure to upload the images to imgr, or manually, and not use the “data” HTML tag, if you wish to post to get to r-bloggers)


    • May 10, 2013

      Good idea. Perhaps it will be also a good occasion to give RWordPress a try… 🙂

      • May 10, 2013

        Have a look at the knit2wp function for knitr:

        • May 10, 2013

          Yes, thanks. I tried that already pretty successfully. The only reason it is not published yet is that I’m struggling a little bit with taming syntax highlighting… Yihui suggests using highlight.js but I on blog I use WP-CodeBox. There are many other WordPress plugins for highlighting. In general the post turns-up strangely formatted (font sizes etc.)… Any suggestions?

          • May 10, 2013

            Yes – ask Yihui 🙂
            (and let me know his answer – I’d be curious)

          • May 10, 2013

            Hehe.. 😀 Perhaps I’ll do that, I will let you know :). I hope the answer will be nowhere near a suggestion to write separate sets of knitr hooks to handle different WordPress syntax highlighting plugins…

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