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Correction to intergraph update

2012 June 19
by Michał

It turned out that I wrote the last post on “intergraph” package too hastily. After some feedback from CRAN maintainers and deliberation I decided to release the updated version of the “intergraph” package under the  original name (so no new package “intergraph0”) with version number 1.2. This version relies on legacy “igraph” version 0.5, which is now called “igraph0”. Package “intergraph” 1.2 is now available on CRAN.

Meanwhile, I’m working on new version of “intergraph”, scheduled to be ver. 1.3, which will rely on new version 0.6 of “igraph”.

I am sorry for the mess.

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  1. Doug Luke permalink
    November 25, 2012

    Just wondering if there is any update on the status of intergraph version 1.3? I am starting on a project where I will be using both statnet and igraph, and would like to be able to use the current versions of both packages.


    • Michał permalink
      November 25, 2012

      Doug, the version on R-Forge is already updated to 1.3 (and fixes some major bugs). It is compatible with latest igraph and network packages. I still want to do some more testing before I push it to CRAN, so consider it a beta. However, please try it and do let me know if any issues arise.

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