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2012 May 24
by Michał

PhD cover

It’s been a while since I wrote something, not without a reason. Last months were terribly busy for me. First of all, I defended my PhD (yay!). Second, a lot of my time was consumed by writing proposals. Third, upcoming changes to R package ‘igraph‘ caused an unscheduled but necessary review of some of my R packages. Nevertheless, I should be able get back to more regular blogging from now on.

For now three links from May:

  1. Wired now features a new blog (first post on January 7, 2012) devoted to social sciences called Social Dimension written by Samuel Arbesman. Recent interesting posts include:
  2. David Smith (Revolution Analytics) writes about recent EU High Court ruling in a case of SAS vs WPS. SAS is a data analytic software developed by SAS Institute and WPS is a low-cost clone of SAS capable of processing SAS data files and selected types of SAS scripts. The High Court ruled that “the programming languages cannot be copyrighted”. Here is the official press release.
  3. The Promising Future for Mathematical Sociology at ASA Math Sociology blog Permutations.
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